Step 1: Select your products.

Step 2: Incorporate them daily.

Step 3: Enjoy a better smelling, more mindful routine.

For maximum benefit, breathe.

Our products are intended to provide moments of pause in your day. Used regularly and with the right intention, they support a more mindful routine.

We recommend closing your eyes and taking three deep, slow breaths every time you apply our products. Let the scents and sensations ground you in the physical moment. And as you use our products alongside daily rituals like yoga, meditation and intention setting, let the scents bring you into a calmer headspace, and remind you to stay there.

In a busy world full of distractions, this small habit can go a long way towards a happy, present frame of mind.

Ideal Applications by Product

Below are some ways we love using the lineup. Give 'em a try and experiment to see what's best for your routine.

001 - The Anti-Cologne: Before you leave home  

Use this the same way you'd use a traditional fragrance.

002 - The Nourishing Boost: Post-shower

Mist liberally on face and body after a shower for an incredible feeling and soft, hydrated skin. 

003 - The Active Zen: Meditation, yoga or fitness

Mist on upper body before meditation, yoga or fitness for enhanced mindfulness and a bright, cheerful aura.

004 - The Cooling Roll-on: On-the-go & at work

Roll onto the back of your neck or inner forearms anytime you need some soothing calm. Great at work, on long car rides or on-the-go. 


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